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Solution Focused Approach


Solution Focused approach can be described as a radically new method of working with people for overcoming their daily obstacles and coping with the appearing problems. This approach was developed in the 1980s in BFTC, Milwaukee, USA. Steve de Shazer & Insoo Kim Berg are its co-authors.

In the beginning, Solution Focused approach was cultivated in a clinical context but thanks to its practicality and simple psychological principles it quickly developed into extremely valuable working tool in the area of mental health, as well as in achieving successful and effective organizational changes.

By means of Solution Focused approach, counselors and clients strive together after development of opportunities for the future. We use people's skills and abilities to build directions for reaching the outlined changes and desired goals. In applying the Solution Focused approach we follow simple working rules:

  • If something works, do it
  • If something doesn't work, do something different
  • If something isn't broken, don't touch it

    Difficult situations happen and we believe that everyone can manage with the problems caused by them. People sometimes act after some common patterns of solving problems which appear ineffective. In that case help or support and assistance is needed to find out other working alternatives. And we apply solution focused practical principals in order to achieve the desired results.

    We prefer working with client's sometimes ambiguous ideas about the future and avoid analyzing problems from the past. Concrete details are searched to help each and every specific situation instead of going deep into theoretical formulations.

    Solution Focused approach turns out to be an excellent tool for supporting employers. It contributes to improvement in team work, overcoming conflicts, employees being more motivated. That's why we put in some hard work for achieving:

  • Setting the right working goals
  • Creating of trust and cooperation
  • Awareness of client's own contribution to different activities
  • Steps to be followed and progress to be monitored
  • Increasing faith in success

    Last but not least, using the Solution Focused approach we strive to help individuals and groups, to be of use to teams and organizations and we believe that everybody can find hundreds of ways to become happier!