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Employee Assistance Program


EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP) is a confidential service for EMPLOYEES and their FAMILY MEMBERS sponsored by the EMPLOYER that works for the common good of the ORGANIZATION.

A majority of employees today find themselves under significant pressure to perform at a high level with maximum productivity by employers who expect their organizations to “do more with less.” This tension between the limited organizational resources given to employees and the increasing productivity demands of employers contributes to a variety of problems experienced by employees. These problems are further affected by efforts to balance work with also trying to have a healthy and fulfilling personal and family life. EAP can play an important role in helping employees, as well as their family members, to balance the demands of work and personal life, while also supporting the employer’s goals for improved and sustained levels of high workplace productivity. It is a proven, easy way for EMPLOYEES and FAMILY MEMBERS to identify and solve personal and work-related problems.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides services designed to help EMPLOYEES, MANAGERS, and ORGANIZATIONS meet life challenges and remain healthy, engaged, and productive. PIK Center provides brief counselling & therapy, referral and coaching, legal and financial advice.

PIK Center

PIK CENTER is the first and only organization that provides EAP services in Bulgaria. EAP is a new service for Bulgaria but we have already gained the experience and know-how in providing it successfully. We are fully aware of the cultural barriers and difficulties in implementing EAP in Bulgaria and we getting better in overcoming them.

Our professional team consists of certified psychologists, communication experts, experienced psychiatrists and other professionals who are highly qualified and have lifelong professional practice. The main method used in providing the psychotherapeutic services and counselling is Solution Focused Brief Therapy. Because of the nature of the services and the idea of rapid positive progress in dealing with the client’s problem Solution Focus is used in every EAP all over the world as the leading approach in providing counselling & psychotherapy.

We are proud to inform you that our senior psychologists and psychiatrists work and put into practice this method for more than 20 years. We have been trained in person by the founders of SOLUTION FOCUSED APPROACH – Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg.

In Bulgaria we have been working on Employee Assistance Program since 2010. PIK Center partners with some of the largest global EAP providers in the world to deliver the service on their behalf in Bulgaria.

  • We are open for new partnership with other global providers.
  • We offer the EAP services on our own to companies that don’t have contracts with global providers.